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(Closing Date: 2022-05-11)
TOR for the selection Video developers/Media Producers
(Reference Number 2022/584)

(Decision Number 1608)

Please submit offers on the subject above as detailed in the attached file, taking into consideration the following:

  1. Time of delivery.
  2. Abidance to specifications and quantity.
  3. The university has the right of dividing the tender between more than one suppliers, or cancel it without any legal obligation.
  4. The university is not obligated to accept the lowest prices, without giving any reasons or justifications.
  5. The offer should be valid for at least 90 days.
  6. Prices are quoted in Euro Zero VAT.
  7. For further information about the tender please call Mr. Adel Ghaith at telephone # 02 2982136.
  8. The offer should be presented in a closed, sealed envelope, with the company name and address written, in addition to the tender title & number.
  9. 11-The deadline for the offer is May 11 th,2022 at 12 noon, and should be submitted at the  office of Vice President for Finance,  Located at the Administration Building, Second Floor, Office #315, Birzeit University.
  10. A complete set of the tender document may be downloaded from the university website
  11. The financial offer and the technical offer should be submitted in separate documents otherwise the offer will be not be considered.
  12. The tender's advertising costs (40 J.D) are to be paid by the awarded contractor.
  13. The supplier must have all the required permits from the competent authorities (a commercial register) to operate, and they must be valid.
  14. The supplier needs to be experienced and specialized in the services and supplies he's going to provide.
  15. The supplier needs to have a valid bank account under the name of his company that accepts bank transfers.
  16. The service provider needs to be registered in the tax authorities and has a government-licensed workshop and able to issue tax invoices and tax-free invoices.
  17. The service provider needs to be registered in the tax authorities and has a government-licensed workshop and able to issue tax invoices and tax-free invoices.
  18. The supplier needs to be able to issue a deduction-at-source certificate.
  19. The eligible money for the supplier will be disbursed through a bank transfer and in the bill's currency type, and to be payable after 60 days from the date of delivery after the submitting of the required papers and the finical claim.
  20. The university employees can't enter or participate in the tenders, and the services or the supplies can't be provided by them.
  21. Direct or first-degree relatives of the Procurement & Supplies unit's employees can't also enter or participate in the university's tenders.
  22. Any offer that does not comply with above conditions will not be taken into consideration.


Contract (or Purchase Order for suppliers) terms:


1- If the awarded contractor declined/delayed in receiving the tender award decision, or signing the notifying form or the contract within the designated date, then the insurance money offered by them is to be forfeited (if the tender is conditioned by a security deposit) and brought into the university account, the tender then is awarded to the second choice in the list.   


2- If the awarded contractor default in executing the tender or has a delay in delivering the supplies or carrying out the agreed upon work fully or partly within the designated date, or violated any part of the tender terms including the adherence to the technical specification, then the university has the right to buy the supplies from the domestic or the foreign markets and in the common prices, also it has the right to execute the works in the way and costs that suits it, the university can also charge the contractor the price difference and any additional charges.   


3- In addition to what is mentioned above, the contractor or participant's file and violations will be remitted to the Central Tenders Committee to discuss the necessity of imposing additional penalties on the contractor or the participant depending on the effects of the violations, and ensuring these violations are not to be repeated in the future by doing the following:


a- The participant will be banned from entering any future university tenders for a whole year after the date of notifying him/her.


b- The participant will be banned from entering any future university tenders, and will be listed in the blacklist with setting out reasons and will be cleared from it only by a decision from the university chairperson.


4- The Procurement and Supplies unit manager will notify the participant or the contractor with the Central Tenders Committee decision in 10 days of the issuing date.


Please review the attached file for information about Technical Specifications and quantities.

  Best regards.


Adel Ghaith

Procurement & supplies unit

Birzeit University


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