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(Closing Date: 2016-12-19)
Server, PCs and Mac Computers
(Reference Number 2016/361)


 The HiCure is funded by the European Union as part of the Erasmus Plus CBHE programme, that aims to develop integrated curricula in health Informatics. The project is led and coordinated by Birzeit University and includes 8 partner universities from four European states and Palestine and Jordan. This tender is, part of HiCure, for computer equipment for two computing laboratories to support the training, development and educational needs of the project.

 Suppliers are invited to submit tenders on the above subject, as detailed in the attached specification document, taking into consideration the following:

1.      Time of delivery must be within 8-10 weeks of signing the contract.

2.      Conformance to specifications and quantity.

3.      Prices should be quoted in EURO and ZERO VAT.

4.      The university has the right of dividing the tender between more than one supplier, or cancel it without any legal obligation.

5.      The university is not obligated to accept the lowest prices, without giving any reasons or justifications.

6.      The offer should be valid for at least 90 days.

7.      For further information about the tender please call Mr. Adel Ghaith at telephone number 02-2982136.

8.      The offer should be presented in a closed, sealed envelope, with a printed label that includes a) the title and number of the tender, and  b) the company name, address and contact details. 

9.      The deadline for the offer is Dec19  th, 2016 at 12 noon, and should be submitted at the office of Vice President for Finance, located at the Administration Building, Second Floor, Office Number 315, Birzeit University.

10.  Tender documents can be purchased at the Finance Department for the sum of 100 JD  none refundable, between 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon except Fridays and Sunday

11.  The tender offer should include the following:

11.1.   A technical offer, that includes clear specifications of the equipment included in the offer, with clear mention of equipment brand and provided level of equipment support and its coverage period for each equipment type.

11.2.   A financial offer, that clearly includes the price of each equipment type for each specification options, per unit and quantity. 

11.3.   The tenderer profile that details their professional, financial, economic and technical capacities. It also should include details of their past experiences of similar contracts with previous or current customers. The profile should also include contact details of customers.

12.  15. Exclusion criteria:

12.1.   Any offer that does not comply with the above conditions

12.2.   The financial offer and the technical offer inclusive of the tenderer profile, should be submitted in separate documents, otherwise the offer will not be considered. 

12.3.   The financial offer will be considered only if the technical offer conforms to the technical specifications and meets the selection criteria below. 

13.  16. Selection Criteria:

13.1.   Offers that comply with the above conditions;

13.2.   Tenders that have the financial, economic, professional and technical capacity to carry out the work will be considered eligible for selection. These capacities will assessed in relation to the tenderer's past experience and work drawn from their profile above. To establish a tenderer's capacity this may include taking references from previous or current customers.  

13.3.    For financial capacity, a bank check or bank guarantee amounting 10% of the total & valid for 90 days must be attached to your offer.

14.  Award Criteria:

14.1.   Does not fall within the exclusion criteria.

14.2.   Meets the selection criteria.

14.3.   The award method will be on the basis of the "best value for money", on which the winning tender is the one that meets the selection criteria and conforms to the technical specifications, and offering the best value for quality/price ratio.

15.  A valid performance bank guarantee amounting 10% of the amount won in the tender should be submitted to Birzeit University on the date of signing the contract valid for 60 days after the delivery date.

16.  Payment of the contract will be made within 60 days of the delivery, installation and acceptance of equipment, in accordance with the signed contract and specifications. 


The total value of the tender is estimated at approximately 60k euros. 


Please review the attached files for information about Technical Specifications and quantities.


 Adel Ghaith 

 Procurement Officer  


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