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From:Amir Khalil Category:Office of External Academic Relations
Publish Date:08-10-2019 (08:38)
Archive Date:2019-11-15
Grant for Mediterranean cultural projects - Fondation Marc de Montalembert

Kindly chekc this opportunity offered by the Fondation Marc de Montalembert which grants one or two scholarships for projects for the realization of a cultural undertaking or one having to do with the development of a craft.

Since 1994 the Foundation has provided financial support to 28 projects undertaken by young grant winners from 8 Mediterranean countries. Projects have been realized in the following fields : creative writing, architecture, archeology, anthropology and sociology, music, history of art, craftsmanship, engraving, painting, photography.

If you are interested in disseminating this opportunity among your students, you will find herewith attached the requirements:

·         come from a country bordering on the Mediterranean,

·         be less than 28 years old the year of the grant’s award,

·         manifest a genuine vocation in a specific cultural field or one linked to the development of a particular craft,

·         present a project related to that vocation which shall be realized in one or more countries of the Mediterranean as long as different from the applicant’s origin country.

The students interested should request an application form through completing an online questionnaire to be submitted within the deadline of November 15th of the current year.

The submission must include a presentation letter in PDF format.

Only candidates considered valid by the pre-selection committee of the Marc de Montalembert Foundation will receive on December 1 the application form and all necessary instructions. This form will be compiled and sent to the Foundation, along with the required documents, no later than 31 December.

The announcement of the award of the grant will be in late March and the presentation in late April.

You can find further information on or write to

I hope you will find this opportunity interesting and I send you my best regards,