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University Boards:

Board No. of Messages
Academic Support Unit 41
Administrative Application Services & Support Section 2
Alumni & Fundraising Unit 2
Alumni and Career Services office 362
Bachelor Program in Physical Education 3
Birzeit University Museum 4
Budgeting & Reporting Section 1
Center for Continuing Education 14
Center for Development Studies 15
Computer Center 6
Database & Systems Development Section 5
Department of Accounting 3
Department of Arabic Language and Literature 47
Department of Architectural Engineering 5
Department of Biology and Biochemistry 12
Department of Business Administration 194
Department of Chemistry 20
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 5
Department of Computer Science 26
Department of Computer Systems Engineering 54
Department of Curriculum & Instruction 4
Department of Economics 64
Department of Education and Psychology 12
Department of Electrical Engineering 6
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 1
Department of English Language and Literature 131
Department of Finance and Banking 13
Department of French Language 27
Department of Geography 1
Department of History and Archaeology 48
Department of Languages and Translation 73
Department of Law 29
Department of Mathematics 50
Department of Media 43
Department of Nursing 3
Department of Philosophy and Cultural Studies 151
Department of Physical Education 2
Department of Physics 31
Department of Political Science 33
Department of Psychology 22
Department of Public Administration 70
Department of Social and Behavioral Science 7
Department of Sociology 14
Events & Activities Unit 84
Faculty of Arts 156
Faculty of Business and Economics 81
Faculty of Education 15
Faculty of Engineering 260
Faculty of Graduate Studies 115
Faculty of Information Technology 163
Faculty of Law and Public Administration 93
Faculty of Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Professions 22
Faculty of Science 103
Finance Department 33
Financial Assistance Committee 7
Fine Arts Program 10
Fundraising Unit 3
General Disciplinary Committee 1
General Services Department 170
Human Resources Department 187
Ibn Rushd for ┘ĆEducational Development Unit 11
Ibrahim Abu Lughod Institute of International Studies 28
Information & Communications Technology Infrastructure Section 1
Information & Publication Unit 77
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit 120
Institute of Community and Public Health 34
Institute of Environmental and Water Studies 6
Institute of Law 2
Institute of Women's Studies 12
Leadership Program 1
Main Library 66
Master Program in Applied Statistics 3
Master Program in Business Administration 36
Master Program in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 6
Master Program in Community Psychology 3
Master Program in Computing 1
Master Program in Contemporary Arab Studies 20
Master Program in Democracy and Human Rights 22
Master Program in Economics 14
Master Program in Education 1
Master Program in Gender and Development Studies 1
Master Program in International Studies 42
Master Program in Law 2
Master Program in Mathematics 9
Master Program in Scientific Computing 40
Master Program in Sociology 1
Master Program in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture 35
Media Development Center 7
Medical Services Department 1
Najjad Zeenni Information Technology Center of Excellence 211
Office of External Academic Relations 156
Office of Grants and Contracts 5
Office of the President 859
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs 93
Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs 11
Office of the Vice President for Community Affairs 1
Office of the Vice President for Planning & Development 29
Physical Education Program 147
Planning and Development Office 1
Public Relations Office 148
Quality Assurance Unit 23
Registration and Admissions Department 418
Service & Knowledge Management Section 2
Software Development Section 1
Student Affairs 1148
Students Financial Aid Unit 5
Testing Laboratories Center 9
The Ethnographic and Art Museum at Birzeit University Unit 27
The Virtual Gallery at Birzeit University Unit 43
Users' Services Section 25